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Banned on YouTube 2
YouTube Goes Dhimmi


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A Message From Chad and Steve

newest billionares...

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Philippine Dengue upsurge:21 Dead 1,400+ cases in one Week

The news is something most people might take in as part of the normal season bursts of information about dengue until the tally becomes clear. There is a large number of people infected perhaps beyond official figures who choose not or cannot afford to go to the hospitals or doctors primarily in poor urban communities so these figures could be much higher than official ones.

It is not because anyone is deliberately trying to downplay this - it is because some people do not know what dengue is as to most people it seems like a normal high fever. I know of one case of in a high end subdivision near Ortgas center - not far from Wac-Wac golf and country club where in a home five cases came suddenly - and was thought to be only caused by season flu’s.

Dengue can be treated at home - but is best treated with medical attention and diagnosis - hospitalization is the only way the highest lecels of infection or when the deasase is at a critical level.

[]”….”Dengue cases up 1,447 in a week in Philippines People’s Daily Online, China -The Philippine Department of Health (DOH) on Thursday reported 1,447 new dengue cases and 21 related deaths a week after it sounded the alarm on the disease’s. …”[]

On the news Mike Enriquez is reading a report about a group of shops near a pair of schools the shops small sidewalk stalls were demolished- the center of controversy - the vendors items being confiscated by the MMDA. The demolition was based on reports the stalls were the source of Dengue mosquito’s. Understandably the situation became tense the stall owners defending their livelihood - the Government needing to clean up a source of the decease. Rightfully so - GMA7 led with te story on the newscast - Political issues can wait when a killer is on the loose like this. Whats needed is more information - no wonder they’re number one.

The Country’s tourism programs also face a major risk to the situation unless massive efforts are taken some countries may issue advisories on the destination some travel agencies and services have already raised alarms:

[] …” [3 dengue fever cases, infected during a group tour to the

There have been reports of Japanese travelers who visited dengue endemic countries, Philippines Travel* Substances Antibodies, Viral Immunoglobulin M

Travel Health Service Year 2006Philippines: Dengue fever. City health officer in Zamboanga City disclosed that there were a total of 125 Dengue fever cases registered, with 2 deaths - 28k

Reports in the past few days show the extent of the problem:

Rains bring out squadron of airborne killers
Manila Times, Philippines - Sep 10, 2006
the Philippines brings with it a variety of mosquito-borne diseases that pose a serious threat to the health of all Filipinos. One of these diseases is dengue
Being clean is dengue deterrent
Manila Times, Philippines - Sep 10, 2006
to Dr. Lyndon Leesuy from the Infectious Diseases section of the Department of Health, there were a total of 16,162 dengue cases in the Philippines in 2002.
Philippine health department raises alert against dengue fever
Monsters and, UK - Sep 10, 2006
can be checked at once.’. Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease that is endemic to the Philippines. Its symptoms are high fever that
Philippine Health Department Raises Alert Against Dengue Fever, Romania - Sep 10, 2006
can be checked at once.”. Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease that is endemic to the Philippines. Its symptoms are high fever that
Philippine health department raises alert against dengue fever
Raw Story, MA - Sep 9, 2006
can be checked at once.”. Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease that is endemic to the Philippines. Its symptoms are high fever that
Fogging operations worsen dengue spread: Philippine authority
People’s Daily Online, China - Sep 7, 2006
The Philippines‘ health authority warned on Friday that fogging operations against mosquitoes carrying dengue virus should be stopped, because the method could

Overall the dengue problem is something that is growing concern in particular because of the overall impact and spread of the disease is highest in the capital. It raises serious concerns about public cleanliness and effective basic services needed in a mega city like Manila :

Dengue/dengue haemorrhagic fever

- Impact of Dengue
- DengueNet
- Dengue activities
- Information resources

Dengue is the most common mosquito-borne viral disease of humans that in recent years has become a major international public health concern. Globally, 2.5 billion people live in areas where dengue viruses can be transmitted. The geographical spread of both the mosquito vectors and the viruses has led to the global resurgence of epidemic dengue fever and emergence of dengue hemorrhagic fever (dengue/DHF) in the past 25 years with the development of hyperendemicity in many urban centers of the tropics.

Transmitted by the main vector, the Aedes aegytpi mosquito, there are four distinct, but closely related, viruses that cause dengue. Recovery from infection by one provides lifelong immunity against that serotype but confers only partial and transient protection against subsequent infection by the other three. There is good evidence that sequential infection increases the risk of more serious disease resulting in DHF.

DHF was first recognized in the 1950s during the dengue epidemics in the Philippines and Thailand. By 1970 nine countries had experienced epidemic DHF and now, the number has increased more than fourfold and continues to rise. Today emerging DHF cases are causing increased dengue epidemics in the Americas, and in Asia, where all four dengue viruses are endemic, DHF has become a leading cause of hospitalization and death among children in several countries.

Currently vector control is the available method for the dengue and DHF prevention and control but research on dengue vaccines for public health use is in process. The global strategy for dengue /DHF prevention and control developed by WHO and the regional strategy formulation in the Americas, South-East Asia and the Western Pacific during the 1990s have facilitated identification of the main priorities: strengthening epidemiological surveillance through the implementation of DengueNet; accelerated training and the adoption of WHO standard clinical management guidelines for DHF; promoting behavioral change at individual, household and community levels to improve prevention and control; and accelerating research on vaccine development, host-pathogen interactions, and development of tools/interventions by including dengue in the disease portfolio of TDR (UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases) and IVR (WHO Initiative for Vaccine Research).


- WHO fact sheet
- Disease Outbreak News: dengue fever
- Disease Outbreak News: dengue haemorrhagic fever
- International travel and health: dengue

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interesting use of catamaran design in this craft. I wonder if it could bave adopted for civilain or tourism use. or asa feery?

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Mass grave found in Philippines: ‘killing fields’

A wire report on the rebel purges of the mid to late 1980’s-1990’s is prominent in the news wires abroad. As ‘a alleged’ mass grave filled with “Hundreds of victims” was reported uncovered - some allegedly new - of people the military says were suspected of cooperating with the government was uncovered.

It is not a new story- one that is often under-reported - and often unmentioned by some in the international community who often prefer to highlight Governments alleged abuses whole downplaying those who may have supported or helped government from being victims - such as these here.

[]”…. MANILA, Philippines — Soldiers found mass graves believed to hold the remains of up to 300 people allegedly killed by communist guerrillas in the 1980s during a purge of suspected spies in the Philippines’ remote east, officials said Thursday”.…[]

There are numerous reports on alleged role of those in Uniform and of the Political group’s who are often thought of in these cases. Leading some in government to claim some in media take sides or work to tell only one side of the story.

[]…”Leftist murders spark fear ABS CBN News, Philippines Across the Philippines, masked gunmen on motorcycles have killed scores of left-wing community leaders and Ayunga fears he could be next….’{}

But all forms of this kind of violence by whatever side should be condemned in the strongest possible terms. had this report from about not too long ago - I repost it here:

News image

Special Report

About a Boy

…who lost his parents at age 5, grew up believing in the same revolutionary cause he knew they left him for… only to discover 20 years later that his parents were tortured and buried alive by their own Communist Party comrades on suspicion of being Deep Penetration Agents. —Winona Cueva

Another report deals with anger over ‘tax’ activities of the rebel group in another part of the Philippines by a Congressperson from a cause oriented groups.

[] …”Partylist solon condemn NPAs Philippine Information Agency, Philippine

Akbayan representative Loretta Ann Rosales stood in the plenary on Monday to condemn the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines, whose latest …” []

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Philippine Oil Spill: National level Calamity declared

President Arroyo’s order is more than just a formality that most diasters require for the release of funds to handle natural disasters. It also brings the level of responce up to treaty level and allows more direct international participation in the clean-up.

[]…” Arroyo declares oil spill calamity President Arroyo on Friday declared the oil spill in Guimaras a national calamity as the slick spread rapidly and threatened some of the country’s richest fishing grounds.Mrs. Arroyo, who made the declaration during the 18th National Convention of the National Prosecutors’ Week in Cebu, said the oil disaster in Guimaras demands the cooperation and solidarity of all Filipinos. “I call upon Petron and the ship owner to immediately clean up the mess and the Task Force Guimaras and Coast Guard Admiral Arthur Gosingan to attend to environmental and health issues,” she said. …” [] ABS-CBNNEWSonline

I do not know which PR agency is advising the Petron people what to say when they appear on TV- one man in particular yesterday was talking about -”product recovery” The insensitive nature of the comment and term might lead some to believe there is more concern over product- than people the environment and safety.

But then again had the concern been with true product integrity - delivery of product to destination in the most safe & secure manner to an end user i wouldn’t even be writing this blog and those people sick and in hospital and the man who died and hundred imillion peso partail clean up bill not needed?

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A rare travel adivory from the South Korean gov't has some wondering as to why it was issuesd on the source of the threat information.
Korea is normally very careful in any such advisory - not like many other countries - who issue these things on mere rumor.
But this is worth looking into- even if to see what the base line information for this came from.

Korea Issues travel warning: Philippines & Indonesia

mikeinmanila wrote 1 day ago: The Government of the single largest group of Asian tourists of late to stream to these islands, Korea has issued … more »

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Industry - State Of The Nation

Now the first song I really liked of the 80's strange how this song could be good for today.
General Public - Tenderness

Can't do a blog on 80's music without this one?
paleshelter TEARS FOR FEARS

cool still!
Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels

college days!
Spandau Ballet - Gold

still good after all these years.
Spandau Ballet Round And Round

I think there was song by Apo hiking society about this - tuloy ang ikot ng mundo? hehehehe
Round and Round...
fun song. But so true as in life things do go round and round and things move back and forth... like a circle of life?
Oh yeah- thats elton...
I posted that too i think.
Spandau Ballet True

still true... favorite slow dance song... make out song... sleep song.
Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf

The one that started it all I think as far as my age group in LA at that time felt.

Ah one of my favorites!
Duran Duran - Is There Something I Should Know?

another lone...
Duran Duran - New Moon On Monday

this one is fun too...
Duran Duran - Planet Earth

I cant believe its been 25 years since this STUFF!!!

I acutally dressed that way?
Duran Duran - Girls On Film

anther one I like... what can I say I'm in a 80's mood tonight!
Bruce Springsteen - Born In The USA

just a song I like a bit...